Somewhere Between Hope and Homicide

Howl’s Moving Castle Scenery by Studio Ghibli

Howl’s Moving Castle Scenery by Studio Ghibli


Just a little Wonder Woman being awesome and not at tricky

It was announced today that Constantine and The Flash join Gotham with series pick ups for fall. The good news is that there was a female led show iZombie also got picked up.

Let’s hope DCE can figure out how to make Wonder Woman work on the small screen while the figure out to make her more viable for her own movie on the big screen.

Happy Batman Day! A Few Words About Martha Wayne 


Today is Batman Day, a day to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the character’s first appearance. A few weeks ago I asked people to name the female character they thought was “most important” to Batman. And while there were many people who name Barbara Gordon (Oracle version mostly), there were also others mentioned such as Cass Cain and Leslie Thompkins. But a lot of the answers were a woman who has gotten short shift in the Batverse - Martha Wayne.


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Please watch this 3 second clip from an actual George Washington documentary.